Outdoor Table Tennis Tables


Play areas
Pub Gardens


Hard wearing
Smooth finish
Years of use


All four of the tables are fabricated from rein-forced concrete and are built to withstand the extremes of the UK climate, as well as all the rigours of constant use.

Three of the tables are 'all-in-one' tables that are manufactured as one complete unit and therefore need no assembly. The net is made from concrete and is an integral part of the table, They weigh between 1370kg and 1800kg and the playing surface is 85mm thick. They are available as a rectangle with square corners, a rectangle with rounded corners and a circular table. Please note, due to the size of this item, good access will be required.

The 'kit form' table is made from concrete, but comes in six parts, making it suitable for sites with difficult access. It is available in a green or blue finish with white lines. It weighs 800kg and is as robust as our all-in-one models. This item can be delivered and installed onto a pre-prepared site. Alternatively we can supply and deliver the kit for your own assembly and installation.

Download as PDF here

Is there any better way to improve your grounds, add a further facility and introduce another game and a lot of fun, all at a very low cost, other than to install outdoor table tennis tables? Table tennis tables require very little maintenance, making them an ideal choice.