Matrix Budget Mesh


Industrial Estates


Hard to climb
Difficult to cut through
High delay factor
Good visibility
Cost effective


Double wire 868 or 656
200mm x 50mm x 2506mm
Height: 1830mm, 2030mm , 2430mm and 3030mm(lower heights available)
Horizontal wires: Double 8mm or 6mm
Vertical Wires: Single 6mm or 5mm
Spike to top edge: 30mm

Crimped wire 2.5m or 3m wide
200mm x 50mm
Height: 1830mm, 2030mm and 2430mm nominal(lower heights available)
Horizontal wires: Single 5mm
Vertical Wires: Single 5mm
Spike to top edge: 30mm

30mm clamp strip and reating brackets for double wire or clips for crimped and double wire

Post Section:
60 x 40 x 2mm
80 x 40 x 2.5mm (3m double wire only)

Pre-galvanised and polyester powder coated Standard colours: RAL 6005 green, 9005 black All other RAL colours available.

Download as PDF here

Double Wire Mesh

Crimped Mesh

The budget mesh system enables the user to reap all the benefits of rigid mesh panels at reduced overall cost. Together with the faster and therefore less expensive installation cost , these systems offer a relatively maintenance free budget option.

Individual Clip Fixings

Clamp Bar